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Hunter education safety requirements

Delaware - Hunter Safety Education Card

The Delaware DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife requires anyone born after January 1 1967, to complete a State approved Hunter Education Course.

Delaware state law requires all basic hunter education students to participate in a live firing experience with a trained firearms instructor in order to successfully complete the course.

In-person field days are listed on the Hunter Education Course Calendar.

State insurance rules require all participants in any course which includes live firing to sign a Release From Liability Waiver before taking part in live firing.

Note: Failure to send in the Liability Form could result in a student not being able to participate in the class.

Please call 302-735-3600 (Ext. 1) with any questions.

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Online Study Guide
Chapter content

Chapter 1

Firearm Safety

  • Introduction
  • Common causes of hunting incidents
  • Basic rules of firearm safety
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Chapter 2

Safe Firearms Handling

  • Parts of firearm
  • Differences between rifles, handguns and shotguns
  • Firearm actions
Chapter 3


  • Firing sequence
  • Cartridge and shotgun shells components
  • Ammunition safety
Chapter 4

Safe Firearm Field Practices

  • Marksmanship
  • Shooting positions
  • Types of field carries
Chapter 5

Firearm Maintenance

  • Cleaning kit
  • Cleaning steps
  • Firearm obstructions
Chapter 6

Hunter Responsibilities

  • Ethics
  • Responsible hunting
  • Landowner
Chapter 7


  • ATV considerations
  • Safety & trip planning
  • Boating
Chapter 8

Elevated Stands

  • Types of elevated stands
  • Risks and advantages of using it
  • Full body harness / Fall arrest system
Chapter 9

Wildlife Conservation

  • The need to manage wildlife
  • The importance of habitat
  • Role of hunting in conservation
Chapter 10

Wildlife Identification

  • Game animals
  • Key characteristics of the animal
  • Game animal categories
Chapter 11

Hunting Regulations

  • Understanding the hunting laws
  • Enforcement agencies
  • Importance of wearing hunter orange
Chapter 12

Game Recovery

  • Field dressing equipment and steps
  • Plucking and skinning
  • Transporting the game in a vehicle
Chapter 13

Outdoor Preparedness

  • Importance of planning, preparation and practice
  • Hunt plan
  • Treating medical emergencies

You may ask
FAQ - Delaware Hunting Safety Course and Hunting License

Is the Beasafehunter hunter course approved by the state of Delaware?

Coming soon!

Is there a minimum age to take this online education course?

Yes, students must be at least 10 years of age to take the Hunter Education Course.

Is my Hunter Education Certificate good in other states?

Every U.S. state that demands a Hunter Education Certificate will accept Hunter Education Certificates from other states that conform to IHEA requirements as well.

You should follow your safety course in the State where you are resident.

Does the Hunter Card expire?

No. It is good for life.

Who is required to take the Hunter Education course in Delaware?

All persons born after Jan. 1, 1967, must satisfactorily complete a Hunter Education course before obtaining a Delaware Hunting License.

What types of Delaware Hunting Licenses are available?

View the full list of Delaware Hunting Licenses available through the Delaware Department of Natural resources and environmental control.

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