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Alabama Hunter Safety Course
Alabama Conservation Natural Resources Marine Police


Alaska Hunter Safety Course
Alaska Boating Safety Program


Arizona Hunter Safety Course
Arizona Game and Fish


Arkansas Hunter Safety Course
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission


California Hunter Safety Course
California State Parks Boating and Waterways


Colorado Hunter Safety Course
Colorado Division of Wildlife


Connecticut Hunter Safety Course
Connecticut Energy Environment


Delaware Hunter Safety Course
Delaware DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife


Florida Hunter Safety Course
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Georgia Hunter Safety Course
Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division


Hawaii Hunter Safety Course
Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources


Illinois Hunter Safety Course
Illinois Department of Natural Resources


Indiana Hunter Safety Course
Indiana Department of Natural Resources


Iowa Hunter Safety Course
Iowa Department of Natural Resources


Kansas Hunter Safety Course
Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism


Kentucky Hunter Safety Course
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources


Louisiana Hunter Safety Course
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries


Maine Hunter Safety Course
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife


Maryland Hunter Safety Course
Maryland department of Natural Resources


Massachusetts Hunter Safety Course
Massachusetts Environmental Police


Michigan Hunter Safety Course
Michigan Department of Natural Resources


Minnesota Hunter Safety Course
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Mississippi Hunter Safety Course
Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries and Parks


Missouri Hunter Safety Course
Missouri Department of Natural Resources


Montana Hunter Safety Course
Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks


Nebraska Hunter Safety Course
Nebraska Game and Parks


Nevada Hunter Safety Course
Nevada Department of Wildlife

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Hunter Safety Course
New Hampshire Fish and Game Department

New Jersey

New Jersey Hunter Safety Course
New Jersey Marine Services Bureau

New Mexico

New Mexico Hunter Safety Course
New Mexico State Parks Boating Safety

New York

New York Hunter Safety Course
New York State Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation

North Carolina

North Carolina Hunter Safety Course
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

North Dakota

North Dakota Hunter Safety Course
North Dakota Game and Fish


Ohio Hunter Safety Course


Oklahoma Hunter Safety Course
Oklahoma Highway Patrol


Pennsylvania Hunter Safety Course
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Hunter Safety Course
Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife

South Carolina

South Carolina Hunter Safety Course
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources


Tennessee Hunter Safety Course
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Parks Agency


Texas Hunter Safety Course
Texas Parks and Wildlife


Utah Hunter Safety Course
Utah Department of Natural Resources


Vermont Hunter Safety Course
Vermont boating logo


Virginia Hunter Safety Course
Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources

West Virginia

West Virginia Hunter Safety Course
West Virginia Natural Resources Police


Wisconsin Hunter Safety Course
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Wyoming Hunter Safety Course
Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Safe Hunting Starts with Hunter Education!



Beasafehunter has been offering the online hunter safety education course for more than 15 years.

Many hunter safety educators and coordinators have cooperated over the years to offer you one of the best courses in North America. This course is accurate, captivating, and easy to follow.

Our hunter safety education course meets the Safety Course Standards set forth by the Department of Natural Resources and by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA).

Our highly engaging course is fully mobile-friendly on any device and you can study at your own pace. We'll keep track of your progress.

If you have any questions as you move ahead within the online course, you can chat live with our customer support representative.


Hunter Safety Course
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Online Study Guide
Chapter content

Chapter 1

Firearm Safety

  • Introduction
  • Common causes of hunting incidents
  • Basic rules of firearm safety
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Chapter 2

Safe Firearms Handling

  • Parts of firearm
  • Differences between rifles, handguns and shotguns
  • Firearm actions
Chapter 3


  • Firing sequence
  • Cartridge and shotgun shells components
  • Ammunition safety
Chapter 4

Safe Firearm Field Practices

  • Marksmanship
  • Shooting positions
  • Types of field carries
Chapter 5

Firearm Maintenance

  • Cleaning kit
  • Cleaning steps
  • Firearm obstructions
Chapter 6

Hunter Responsibilities

  • Ethics
  • Responsible hunting
  • Landowner
Chapter 7


  • ATV considerations
  • Safety & trip planning
  • Boating
Chapter 8

Elevated Stands

  • Types of elevated stands
  • Risks and advantages of using it
  • Full body harness / Fall arrest system
Chapter 9

Wildlife Conservation

  • The need to manage wildlife
  • The importance of habitat
  • Role of hunting in conservation
Chapter 10

Wildlife Identification

  • Game animals
  • Key characteristics of the animal
  • Game animal categories
Chapter 11

Hunting Regulations

  • Understanding the hunting laws
  • Enforcement agencies
  • Importance of wearing hunter orange
Chapter 12

Game Recovery

  • Field dressing equipment and steps
  • Plucking and skinning
  • Transporting the game in a vehicle
Chapter 13

Outdoor Preparedness

  • Importance of planning, preparation and practice
  • Hunt plan
  • Treating medical emergencies

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You may ask
FAQ - Hunting Safety Course and Hunting License

Must I take this course to get a hunting license?

Yes. You need to get certified in order to purchase your Hunting License.

Is the Beasafehunter hunter course approved by the IHEA?

Yes. The IHEA has approved and accepted the Beasafehunter Course.

Is it possible to see the content of the course before starting my training?

Of course! Feel free to view our Hunter Safety Course.

What is the cost of the Beasafehunter online hunting safety course?

The cost of the Beasafehunter course is $29.95. Get certified in order to purchase your Hunting License.

Is there a minimum age to take this online education course?

It depends on the State where you are resident.

Must I complete the course in one sitting?

You can complete the course in one sitting, or spread it out over several days. You go at your own pace.

Why choose

Here's why!

  • Our first chapter is free.
  • There are hundreds of illustrations and videos to help you better understand the content.
  • You can access our online hunter safety course 24/7
  • Our online support is available by phone, email or chat.
  • We offer multi-platform training.
  • OUR PLEDGE! “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”!
Must I reside in the State in which I'm taking the Beasafehunter Course?

You should follow your hunter safety course in the State where you are resident.

Is my Hunter Education Certificate good in other states?

Every U.S. state that demands a Hunter Education Certificate accepts the Georgia Hunter Education Certificate. Georgia will accept Hunter Education Certificates from other states that conform to IHEA requirements as well.

Is there a time limit to complete an approved Hunter Safety Course?

You must spend a minimum of five (5) hours studying the hunter safety course, but you can take more time if you wish. You will then have as long as you need to complete the final exam.

Does the Hunter Card expire?

No. It is good for life.

How do I contact customer support?

You can send an email to or call us at     


What passing score must I get in the quizzes to access the final test?

The passing mark for the unit quizzes is 80%. If you don’t pass the quiz, you must re-study that particular section and then re-take the quiz.

Is there a study guide available to help me complete my course?

Yes! We have created a study guide and a practice exam to help you pass your Hunter safety course.

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