The magazine is a device that stores ammunition. Repeating firearms have magazines that hold extra cartridges. Magazines are designed with a spring and follower that pushes against the cartridges to move them into the action as required. When checking a magazine to ensure there are no cartridges present, you must either see or feel the follower. If you cannot see or feel the follower, there may be a cartridge jammed in the magazine creating a dangerous situation. Magazines may be either detachable or non-detachable.

Detachable Magazines

Detachable magazines allow you to remove extra ammunition from the firearm simply by removing the magazine. These include most box magazines. The Box magazine is a metal box that fits into the receiver and from which the cartridges are fed into the chamber by the action.

Detachable magazine

Non-detachable Magazine

Non-detachable Magazine

Non-detachable magazines require the ammunition to be manually removed. These include tubular magazines, hinged floor plate, and revolving magazines.

REMEMBER: Removal of ammunition from the magazine or removal of the magazine does not mean the firearm is unloaded!