Four Basic Parts of a Cartridge Name - Fonction - Types

Parts of a Cartridge

1 - Bullet

A bullet is a small, metal object that is shot from a firearm. A bullet is the part of the ammunition that is fired through a rifle barrel.

2 - Case

The case is the container which holds all other ammunition components. It's usually made up of brass, steel, copper, paper or plastic.

3 - Powder

Powder is a chemical mixture that, when ignited, creates gasses that propel the bullet or shot through the barrel.

4 - Primer

The primer is an explosive compound that ignites the powder charge when struck by a firing pin.

Rifle Cartridge Types

Standard bullets are made of a lead core with a copper jacket. Some bullets do not have a jacket surrounding the lead. Bullets come in different shapes and sizes.

The shape and construction of a bullet may be designed to improve speed, accuracy, penetration and shocking power for game animals.

Rifle Cartridge Types

1 - Pointed Soft Point

High velocity - flattened trajectory - accurate - excellent mushrooming.

2 - Rounded Soft Point

Dependable; favorite for lower velocity calibers - recommended for tubular magazines.

3 - Protected Tip 

Typically thick jacketed for control - excellent expansion - high accuracy -excellent mushrooming.

4 - Full Metal Jacket

Non-expanding - maximum penetration without mushrooming - ILLEGAL FOR BIG GAME HUNTING!

Handgun Cartridge Types

Handgun Cartridge Types

1 - Wadcutter

Cleanest hole in target.

2 - Semi-Wadcutter

Hard hitting, fairly clean target hole.

3 - Full Metal Jacket

General purpose.