Types of Firearm Sights Bead Sight - Open Sight - Aperture Sight - Telescopic Sight

Bead Sight

Pump action shotgun bead sight
  • Used on shotgun barrels and located near the muzzle of the barrel
  • Used as reference point when leading moving game
  • Allows the hunter to position his cheek on the stock in such a way that he will not sight above or below a moving target
  • Shotguns are pointed instead of aimed and usually have a pointing bead.

Open Sight

Most factory-ordered rifles are equipped with an open rear sight and a "bead" or "post" front sight.

To aim properly, the top of the bead or post should be centered within the rear sight, and placed on the bottom of the target.

The different types of open sights are buckhorn, semi-buckhorn, U-notch and V-notch.

Pump action shotgun sight open iron

Aperture Sight

  • The rear sight has a small hole that the shooter must look(peep) through
  • The front sight is usually a post sight
  • The human eye automatically centers the front sight in the rear peep or aperture sight
  • The front sight is then aligned with the target
  • These sights are more accurate than open sights
Shotgun bolt action aperature sight

Telescopic Sight

  • The telescopic sight, or scope, is a small telescope mounted on your firearm
  • A scope magnifies the target and does away with aligning rear and front sights
  • The aiming device inside the scope is called the "reticle"
  • To aim, the shooter looks through the scope, and puts the crosshairs on the target
  • A scope is the most accurate sight

Remember! Never use your scope as set of binoculars.

Rifle telescopic sight