Shotgun Shooting Techniques Leading a moving target

What are the 3 most common methods of lead?
Swing through, Sustained & Snap shooting

Leading a moving target applies in both rifle and shotgun shooting. When using a rifle, all hunters should try to get a standing shot because hitting a moving animal with a single bullet can be very difficult. When hunting with a shotgun, your targets are almost always on the move.

The three most common methods of lead are:

  • Swing through,
  • Sustained, and
  • Snap shooting.

In all cases, consistent shooting form is critical. Remember to point your shotgun and lean into the shot. Don't forget that the trigger of a shotgun is slapped rather than squeezed.

What is Swing Through shooting?

Shotgun shooting swing through

The swing through is the best lead for a young shooter to master.

What is the purpose of swing through method?

The shooter points behind the moving target and swing the firearm faster than the target is moving so that the muzzle passes the target. Follow through is critical! The speed and range of your target will automatically influence how fast the barrel is swung. Always keep the barrel moving until you see the bird crumple.

Swing through lead is recommended.

What is Sustained Lead shooting?

Sustained lead shooting

What is the purpose of sustained lead method?

The sustained lead is held ahead of the target, and the shotgun is fired without stopping the swing. With the sustained lead, you must make your own adjustments for the speed of the target and the distance from you to the point of impact. This decision-making is why the sustained lead is a difficult skill to master.

What is Snap Shooting?

Snap Shooting

What is the purpose of snap method?

The shotgun is fired at a point ahead of the target without continued barrel swing.