Transporting the game out of the woods

When removing the animal from your hunting location, avoid dragging it on the ground as this will cause you to damage and contaminate the meat. If possible, place a blanket under the animal or use a sled that you can attach to your ATV to help take the animal out. This is where quartering becomes helpful.

If the path is not accessible by ATV it is possible to quarter the animal and cut transport straps directly from the hide. If you choose to do so, having a good amount of cheese cloth on hand is useful to wrap the meat to keep it clean.

Evaluate the distance to travel and the weight you will have to carry during your hike. Quartering will save you time and effort in transporting the animal.

The effort needed to get the animal out of the hunting location will depend on the size of the animal, the distance to be covered, the density of the vegetation and the tools at your disposal. A good knowledge of the land you are hunting is important to know your limitations. It is important to be in good physical shape to transport big game out of the hunting location.

Big game transportation

When transporting game in a vehicle, make sure that the carcass remains clean and that it receives enough air circulation. We recommend putting pieces of wood horizontally under the animal to ensure proper air circulation, so the meat doesn't overheat during transportation. Keep the carcass from public view so non-hunters are not offended. Never transport a carcass over the hood of a vehicle. Heat from the engine will ruin the meat. The temperature during transport should be between 35 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improper cooling is the main cause of spoiled or lost meat. Get it cool - keep it cool!