Survival Kit Essentials

First-aid kit survival

Sportsmen who embark on wilderness hunting, hiking, canoeing or snowmobiling should be well prepared. This involves the provision of food, shelter and first aid equipment. The survival kit is a constant companion of outdoorsmen of any experience level, and should be carried by hunters on day-trips.

You may wish to add other things to your survival kit, but the following are standard items.

  • Waterproof carrying case

Metal containers are durable and can be used for melting snow, boiling water or cooking food.

  • Wire or twine

To snare small game or lash a lean-to frame together

  • Fishing line and hooks

For catching fish.

  • A small mirror

To signal aircraft, if needed.

  • Waterproof matches

A simple way to prepare wooden matches is to dip them in melted wax. Waterproof carrying cases may also be used.

  • One-sided razor blade

Useful in cleaning fish or small game, preparing kindling or in building a shelter is necessary.

  • First aid supplies

Including bandages, painkillers, safety pins, disinfectant, needle and thread.

  • High energy, high protein foods

Chocolate, jerky, or chicken soup cubes.

  • Candle or waxed string

Requires only one match and can be used to start fires when the tinder and kindling are wet.

  • Whistle

Can be heard for long distances and will save your voice.

  • Halazone tablets

For water purification.