Vital Areas of Big Game Animals Where to Shoot!

Hunting lean angle kill
Deer vitals

A well-placed shot will strike the vital organs: heart, lungs, or liver and will kill cleanly and quickly. Hitting very specific spots on an animal, which does not have a "bull's eye" like a paper target, requires intimate knowledge of the animal's anatomy. It is important that our shot inflicts the minimal amount of suffering to the animal as possible. This is why hunters should think of the heart and lungs as the best vital areas to aim at.

The heart/lung area provides the best target because:

  • They are from the largest "one-shot kill" zone
  • The proper target area is easy to pick out
  • A slight error in any direction will still strike a vital spot
  • A heart/lung shot animal will bleed out for better meat quality
  • A heart/lung shot animal will die quickly and with little suffering
  • A heart/lung shot animal will leave the best trail for recovery
  • There is minimal or no edible meat loss
Bear vitals
Rabbit vitals
Turkey vitals
Duck vitals